Baby Love Music Fun

Quality music classes for babies 3-14 months, featuring singing, music and movement for babies and the adults who love them!

Innovative Program Features:

Live singing by experienced teachers
Music & Activities for Baby Milestone Development
Great opera tunes with a baby twist
Music for all tastes: Mozart to Moby & Bach to Bjork
Free Trial Lesson

(1) Tummy Timers (3 - 5 months)

Tummy Timers program is built around milestone activities for the baby aged between 3 and 5/6 months. Babies in tummy timers should enjoy laying on their back and some tummy time activities. Once babies are rolling constantly and happy to sit propped up or enjoy themselves they ashould progress to the Sittin Pretties course. This happens on average between 5 and 6 months.

This program is designed to use music and movement activities to observe and develop milestones outlined in both the Victorian Best Start child health record program and the Development Checklists from the Early Childhood Direction Centre, New York.

Class Schedules: Course Timetable

(2) Sittin's Pretties & Rockin' Rollers (6-9 months)

Sittin' Pretties and Rockin' Rollers is built around milestone activities for the baby on average aged between 5/6- 9 months. In terms of gross motor development babies should enjoy sitting up either bring propped up or by themselves. Socially they should enjoy interacting with the teacher and looking around at the other babies. Once babies begin commando crawling and/or crawling, wanting to explore the room and are not happy to stay sitting on their mat with their carer they should progress to the Commando Crawlers and Cruisers course. This happens on average at around 8/9 months.

The course music has been selected around three key themes: people, food, animals

Class Schedules: Course Timetable

(3) Commando Crawlers & Cruisers (10-14 months)

Class Schedules: Course Timetable

Kindly call us to discuss alternative day/time arrangements. If you can gather 3 or more babies to form a new class, we will be happy to cater to your own preferred schedule.

Contact 04-6595122 (Greenlane) or 04-8995122 (Tg. Tokong).