About Us

Jammin' Senzation is a Conservatory of Performing Arts and Music School in Penang. We offer innovative approaches involving creative exploration of concepts in three broad areas:

  • Performance
  • Composition
  • Music Appreciation

All these components enables you to be a fluent and flexible musician through musical competencies in aural, theory, improvisation and transcription.

Jammin' Senzation is a representative of the Australian GUILD of Music & Speech which is recognized by JPA in Malaysia [Ref no: JPA(L)S.130/2/1 Jld.4 (25)] and as an entree to University Malaysia Sabah (UMS) and other Local/Foreign Universities inclusive of SAE Institute/SAE Diploma Programmes and MIA (Malaysian Institute of Arts) Music Programmes. Jammin' Senzation is also a representative for entry into ICOM (International College of Music) Music Programmes.

Courses & Services available include:-

  • Music Courses for all instruments ranging from Piano, Guitar, Violin, Drums, Electronic Organ, Vocal, Brass, Strings & Woodwind
  • Music Lesson/Appreciation Courses for Children (Encore On Keys, Encore On Strings, KinderBeat)
  • Creative Children Speech and Drama Courses
  • Ballet and Musical Theatre (Priscilla Ballet Academy)
  • Creative Art Classes (Classical Arts Centre)
  • Ensembles/Choir/Band Performances
  • Percussion Lessons & Workshop
  • Master Classes for Piano/Guitar/Drum/Violin Performance
  • Students/Professional Jamming Sessions & Concerts
  • Event Performances booking: Wedding, Anniversary, Birthday, Private functions etc.

Jammin' Senzation school syllabus have been innovatively enhanced to allow candidates and teachers full access to a large selection of works to progress to their full potential. The school system is designed in a step-by-step level of achievement which allows musicians to achieve grades & diplomas qualification and continue higher learning to local or oversea universities. Jammin' Senzation is also involved in sales of all types of music instruments locally and internationally.

The school is providing students to undertake examination courses under the ENCORE syllabus, ABRSM, Trinity, GUILD, LCM and ANZCA. Jammin' Senzation aims to develop music and speech education and also skills by promoting uncompromising standards of education. We cater for the academically minded, the performing artist and for those who seek recreation, cultured self-expression and the development of a rewarding and satisfying professional life.

Jammin' Senzation is strategically located in the heart of Penang's residential area of Green Lane.

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For More Information / Enquiries Please Call +604-6595122 during office hours, or alternatively email us at jasminkhor@yahoo.com.


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